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Would you like to be part of the agroforestry project - harvesting & taking home produce in exchange for doing some work on the land with others?

Come along to tours/work days to take part in many different seasonal tasks including planting, sowing, weeding, scything, tree care, mulching, pond work, willow work, raised bed maintenance, composting, harvesting and processing/cooking foods. Once you are familiar with the site, you can arrange to go there with others to harvest/help maintain the site.

Join this facebook group to find out about these days & other announcements such as whats ready to harvest:

A great opportunity to learn about agroforestry, sustainable food growing, gardening skills, unusual fruits and vegetables and many different uses of plants. Gain skills and experience, meet new people, enjoy our beautiful site with sea views, sample and receive produce/cuttings and have fun too!

Workshops/guided tours
Sometimes we run guided tours and workshops. We also offer educational workshops/activities for schools, clubs, companies or any group. They can take place either on the farm or at your site. Do approach us for a tailor made experience to meet your needs/curriculum requirements. Prices can be subsidised if your group can carry out some tasks as part of the visit.

"I was hugely inspired by the 'Get to know Trees' workshops I did with Liz - my relationship to the holly and the alder was totally transformed - and the workshops left me wondering about trees, attentive to them on so many new levels, which I have greatly appreciated. I loved the hours spent outdoors, the unexpected creative activities we did, the way our minds wandered into fact and imagination, history and myth - how the details of bark and leaf and profile and time embedded in trees opened up. The wild food workshop was a treat - the pleasure of gathering the haws and the guelder rose berries along the edges of fields up above the sea, and the delight of leisurely mashing and pounding, sieving and squeezing, measuring and chatting (learning so many small significant things) while pots simmered - and the delicious flavours that emerged - all utterly enjoyable. Liz is a clear, kind, good-humoured facilitator, who puts you all at ease, informative and enabling." Jill Lewis

Below are details of our forthcoming events, more will be added as the season progresses so do check back or ask to go on our email list.

Forthcoming Dates - at agroforestry project, Discover Forest Foods, Beeson:

Saturday 21 January - A tour & free willow in exchange for helping out in the field with weaving the living willow fence, staking trees, topping up raised beds & other winter jobs.

A great opportunity to have an introduction to this project with a view to going there in your own time & with others to harvest & maintain the plants.


Other events:

Nature Connection Walk

Saturday 11 March 2-5

An event with Torbay Coast & Countryside Trust. A chance to take more time to connect with the natural environment – by bringing our full attention to the present moment, using our senses, some silent walking, short meditation & nature observation. We will do some winter tree identification including learning about their uses, look for signs of spring and sample some early wild foods.  

Meeting point: Occombe Farm Yurt

Price: £15

Suitable for: 18yrs +

Additional information:

Please wear suitable clothing and footwear for the weather

Book with TC&CT


Spring Wild Food Forage & Cook - Sunday 23 April 10.30-3.30

A wild food forage with Liz Turner, through Torbay Coast & Countryside Trust. Immerse yourself in wild food for the day. We will be looking for edible greens in the morning, learning which ones are edible, how to use them, some medicinal uses & what you should not pick! We may include some edible flowers too! In time for lunch, we will prepare our harvest around the fire including soup, salad, fritters & teas. After lunch, we will continue with some identification of trees and their uses. A great time of year to learn this with some trees in leaf and some still in bud. 

Meeting point: Occombe Farm Cookery School

Price: £60

Suitable for: 18yrs +

Lunch provided

Additional information:

Please bring tupperware just incase there are treats to take home. Please wear appropriate footwear and clothing for the outdoors. If you have any dietary requirements please make us aware prior to the event. You may wish to bring a notebook and pen.

Book with TC&CT



For all events, unless stated, contact Liz Turner 07765 631877 to find out more information. We can arrange car sharing. Always bring lunch (unless its provided), a drink, gardening gloves, wellies/sturdy shoes & suitable weather gear: warm/cool clothes, sun tan lotion, sun hat &, waterproofs. If you are unsure about the weather, please call on the morning of the event. Please note we normally go ahead in most weathers unless conditions are severe or dangerous.

Dates are subject to change, always check with us, especially for some wild food events where it is season dependent.



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