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Past Reviews

"I was hugely inspired by the 'Get to know Trees' workshops I did with Liz - my relationship to the holly and the alder was totally transformed - and the workshops left me wondering about trees, attentive to them on so many new levels, which I have greatly appreciated. I loved the hours spent outdoors, the unexpected creative activities we did, the way our minds wandered into fact and imagination, history and myth - how the details of bark and leaf and profile and time embedded in trees opened up. The wild food workshop was a treat - the pleasure of gathering the haws and the guelder rose berries along the edges of fields up above the sea, and the delight of leisurely mashing and pounding, sieving and squeezing, measuring and chatting (learning so many small significant things) while pots simmered - and the delicious flavours that emerged - all utterly enjoyable. Liz is a clear, kind, good-humoured facilitator, who puts you all at ease, informative and enabling." Jill Lewis



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