A flawless smile can be yours with veneers Liverpool!

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Not everyone has a flawless smile that they are proud of, but that does not mean that one is not within your reach. Correctly placed this treatment will enhance your smile and make you feel confident when you show your teeth. We have been providing our patients with smiles to be proud of for years using dental veneers Liverpool. Our experience, skill, and attention to detail could provide you with that smile that you have always wanted.

Improved appearance

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Worn, chipped, cracked, or discoloured teeth can detract from your smile and having this procedure is a relatively quick method of improving their appearance. If you have unsightly gaps between your teeth, this treatment will help to close those gaps. The length of your teeth can also be adjusted. Our experience in this area of cosmetic dentistry allows us to guide you as regards colouring and shaping that best suits your natural teeth. This is a crucial area of the procedure and it takes many years of experience to identify the correct natural colour that suits you

Veneers cosmetic and more!

The cosmetic enhancement of your teeth with veneers is just one aspect of the treatment. Porcelain veneers Liverpool can provide protection against wear and make the treated teeth stronger and far more stable.

What to expect

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Everything starts with a thorough examination and a discussion with you about the condition of your teeth, gums and the interior of your mouth. If we detect any other conditions that may require attention, we will discuss these with you as well. Visits can normally be concluded over a period of two visits; however, for a smile design an additional one or two visits may be necessary. To achieve the best desired results we need to prepare your teeth for the thin shells of porcelain. Each shell is shaped and coloured to fit your particular teeth so as to achieve a truly natural appearance. Although the porcelain shells are very thin, they are strong and durable. To accommodate the thin shell of porcelain, we will need to remove a layer of your dental porcelain from the front of your teeth. This will also produce a slightly rough finish to provide the perfect surface for the bonding agent. To ensure that you experience little or no discomfort we perform this veneers Liverpool procedure under local anaesthetic. If you are a nervous patient you can elect to have dental sedation, if you prefer. To provide protection, between appointments, to your teeth that are being treated, we will provide you with a temporary set of veneers.


Your porcelain veneers should last for at least ten years with the proper oral hygiene care. The correct brushing and flossing of your teeth will ensure that you enjoy your newly restored teeth for many years to come. Your normal oral hygiene regimen should include a dentist visit at least every six months and we will be able to guide you if you are not taking the required care of your teeth. Our expert team is waiting to help give you the smile that you deserve!

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