How a smile can fulfill deep human needs

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Upon reflection, it can be astonishing to think what the effects of a smile can have on uplifting one’s life. This of course holds true as long as one is able to confidently smile a radiant smile. If aesthetically-pleasing smiles (and in turn, attractive looks) can have a transformative effect on oneself and others, it may point to the reason why so many are now looking to reap the rewards of image-enhancing treatments like Invisalign Luton.

The smile may seem like such a simple act, yet, there is a far weightier significance to a warm smile. Let’s take a look at what the payoffs are for smiling.

The life-changing effects of a smile

The impact of a smile on self

It has long been understood by dental practitioners, and by those who have transformed their smiles, that there is much to be gained by showing off an attractive smile. First off, one’s self-confidence is given a helping hand – the more satisfied one is with one’s looks, the more likely they are to be happier people within themselves. A study carried out by Mental Health shows the opposite to be true too: one in eight UK adults reported to have suicidal thoughts due to dissatisfaction with how they looked.

The very act of smiling has been found to bring about feelings of positivity and happiness. Even if one does not feel happy, just by smiling one can ‘trick’ the mind into thinking it is happy.

If one has had orthodontic work done to smile a bright, broad smile, then this has positive consequences in that the patient would go to great lengths to protect that newly-acquired smile and their dental health (good dental health supports a happy smile). They are more likely to be proactive in sorting out dental issues that put their ability to smile confidently at risk.

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The impact of one’s smile on others’ perception

One may argue bitterly against its use in practice but human beings seem to be hardwired to respond to the faces of others. Indeed, this ability can be seen in new-born infants who are able to distinguish between the various facial expressions of happiness, sadness and surprise.

The problem with making inferences about a person’s personality based on looks is that this practice prejudices individuals who aren’t deemed attractive. Physical attractiveness encourages the social perceptions (that takes a split second to form) of the individual being capable, approachable, friendly and intelligent.

Research studies have found that individuals thought to be unattractive find their capabilities challenged because of how they look. They are looked over in favour of more attractive individuals when it comes to being hired or promoted. It has even been found that good-looking candidates’ fair better at winning votes and that attractive defendants are dealt with relatively lightly in court.

Do you depend on your online presence to make a good impression on others’? Perhaps you need to boost your chances of finding a job, or, maybe you need a great smile to find your love match. Vogue Dental Care has qualified and experienced dentists who can evaluate your smile and talk you through how orthodontics can improve aesthetic issues.

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