Common marketing mistakes to avoid with your dental surgery

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You run a dental surgery, and you want it to be successful.

These days, a core part of the expansion and success of any dental surgery or, indeed, any business is to have an up-to-date and efficient marketing strategy. This goes far beyond simply printing off thousands of flyers and having a dental surgery web page. It includes ensuring that your dental surgery web page is ticking all of the boxes for search engine optimisation to make it a successful part of your marketing strategy.

Without an up-to-date and optimised web page, your dental surgery has no online calling card, so you cannot expect to attract more dental patients to your surgery. In this article, 5 of the most common marketing mistakes are explored so you can avoid them and go forward with your marketing campaign.


Not updating the website

Google bots are a large part of any marketing strategy, as it is the bots that make or break any dental marketing campaign. One of the things that they look for when they are scanning the millions of websites on the web is updated content. This is why a blog is so important for any successful surgery page; you will need to have a blog that is updated at least once a week in order to attract Google bots and prevent your surgery from falling in the rankings of a search engine page.

Overlooking keywords

There are trends in what is searched for relating to dentistry, usually due to celebrity endorsements. If, for example, a member of the royals in the UK has recently had their teeth whitened, you can expect there to be an increase in people searching for dental whitening services. ‘Dental’ and ‘whitening’ are keywords, and the importance of these will become evident when it comes to SEO. If your website does not have these keywords mentioned on time, you cannot expect to attract Google bots or potential patients looking for those services.

No mobile accessibility

Your website needs to be accessible to mobiles in order for it to be successful, as the majority of people are accessing websites using smartphones or other mobile devices such as tablets. However, making your dental surgery website accessible to mobiles is not usually within an average person’s skill set, so you will need professional help from a marketing team!

Ignoring the importance of backlinks

Backlinks are important in your surgery page, as they build up the authority of your website. If you have an article about dental implants, for example, and a backlink to an authoritative page such as Bupa or the NHS, this will help to build the credibility of your dental website page, which will help in the ranking.

Not getting professional help!

Of course, marketing and SEO are not in the normal repertoire of a dentist. So the biggest mistake to avoid is not seeking help from a professional marketing team in the area of dentistry! Most marketing teams are able to offer targeted plans, so your surgery page can be made over with exactly what you require at a cost you can work with.

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