How to Encourage a Depressed Friend to Seek Therapy

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There’s nothing worse than seeing a loved one battling depression. How can you get this friend to seek help? You’ve done the research. You know all the signs of depression. You’ve been there for every midnight call. You think that you have done your part as a friend. You’ve been a good one, too. You’ve never pushed this friend to “snap out of it.” You’ve never undermined their feelings. But you have also realized that it’s time to seek professional help. You have a bad feeling about this. It’s not going to be solved by late-night conversations anymore.

Talk to Your Friend

First, go to a massage therapist in Pleasant Grove. Depressed people are better listeners when their minds are relaxed and calm. A massage therapy specially formulated for depression can do that. The therapy relaxes the muscles and other soft tissue. The touch of the massage therapist can create a sense of emotional connection, which relaxes the mind.

Take advantage of this time to talk to your friend about the possibility of seeking professional help. This is the best time to do that when the mind is relaxed and more accepting of suggestions. While your friend may not agree right away, you have already planted the idea.

Prepare for Resistance

Your friend is going to resist. Depressed people rarely admit to anyone that they are depressed. Even to their closest friends, they will try to keep this to themselves. Prepare your arguments. You don’t need to argue, but you can raise valid points.

For example, use your relationship as leverage. Say that you are worried about how they are acting lately and that you’re concerned about them. You can also choose to highlight the positive traits of your friend. Let them know that you have always admired them for being strong and that you believe that they can surpass whatever life throws at them. Sometimes, all these people need to hear is that somebody believes in them.

Offer to Accompany Them

Offer to help them make an appointment. Ask if they would want you to find a therapist and schedule a consultation. Sometimes, all it takes is a little push. Most of the time, they need you to actually be there with them. Make sure to clear your schedule on the day of the appointment.

Even if they didn’t ask for your help outright, they might call at the last minute and ask you to accompany them. Be prepared to drop whatever you’re doing to make sure that they attend that first session. They must get to experience what it’s like to get professional help. They will also be the one to decide if the therapist is right for them or not.

There is no exact formula for how you are going to convince a depressed friend to seek help. It’s all about the right timing. You cannot gauge how your friend is going to react because depressed people often have difficulty reining in their emotions. Focus on convincing them to seek help. You might get hurt emotionally in the process, but the important thing is for your friend to get help.

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