Myths about dental whitening debunked

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Are you eager to whiten your smile for a party or an upcoming holiday period, but are worried about things like dental sensitivity?

Here, common myths about whitening your teeth are explored, to help you separate the fact from the fiction. So, enjoy!

Myth 1- Tooth whitening ruins your enamel

This is a common myth but luckily, it can be broken down a bit.

The main ingredients used in whitening gels and powders are hydrogen peroxide or carbamide peroxide. When applied to enamel, both of these convert into water to create the oxidising effects that can remove stains.

As hydrogen peroxide, carbamide peroxide, water and oxygen are plentiful in daily life, undertaking teeth whitening Harley Street should have no impact on your enamel.

Myth 2- All whitening results in the Hollywood smile

While you can obtain a Hollywood smile after having your teeth whitened, there are many instances in which this is not the desired goal.

If you simply want to whiten your smile by a few shades, this should be discussed with your dental team beforehand, who will then be able to adapt the solution to achieve the cosmetic result you want. Easy!

Myth 3- Whitening heightens sensitivity

If performed incorrectly, whitening can cause issues with sensitive teeth.

But if performed by a trained dentist, whitening should cause no such issue and will simply whiten and brighten your teeth. If you do suffer from extreme dental sensitivity, however, you should inform your dental team before you undertake any whitening procedure, and they may then decide to choose a different option for whitening your teeth, such as veneers or bonding.

Myth 4- Over-the-counter products are the same as professional ones

When it comes to the chemical comparison of over-the-counter products and professional ones, there is a wide range of active whitening compounds.

For instance, the level of hydrogen peroxide in over-the-counter kits is, at maximum, 3%, whereas in a professional setting, it can reach as high as 60%. That’s quite a difference!

And this is before you consider safety and experience. Professionally applied gels and products will come with the guarantee that your teeth and gums will remain safe as your dentist whitens your teeth, whereas, with an at-home kit, there is a higher chance of error.

So, to summarize, no, over-the-counter and professional kits are not the same thing.

Myth 5- Professional whitening doesn’t last long

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It is important to note that even if you have your teeth whitened professionally, the results will not last forever.

And as everyone’s definition of a ‘long time’ varies, you may find that any professional whitening that you undertake lasts for either a shorter or longer period than you anticipated. On average, however, professional whitening lasts between 6-18 months. The reason why there is such a wide discrepancy on this is because it varies based on a person’s lifestyle and hygiene habits. If you smoke, for example, you may find that the effects of having your teeth whitened are shortened.

For more advice on how to prolong the effects of dental whitening, talk to your dentist.

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