Regular Medical Procedures That Need Longer Recovery Periods


A lot of children dislike going to the doctor because of the fear of painful injections. When you’re an adult, that fear goes away. Unfortunately, there are several medical procedures that you have to worry about when it comes to pain. Even with current anesthesia, those who go through them often have to deal with painful side effects and long recoveries. Here are some procedures that you should get some extra consultation time with your doctors about.

Removing The Gallbladder

The gallbladder is a small organ underneath your liver that has the main job of storing bile. Bile is an essential substance that allows your body to absorb fats better. What your bile does is store the bile for later use. The trouble is that bile can harden and become stones. Starting from a single grain, they can become painful stones that can block ducts. This can be painful in the long run, so removal is an option. But it is difficult, and your doctor will only recommend full gallbladder removal if there is no other option. Since it is near the liver, the procedure can be painful. Recovery time will also take longer, and there will be quite a bit of pain. Staying at the hospital for a few weeks is recommended so that you can fully heal.

Installing Dental Implants

Dental implants are a great way to replace lost teeth. The problem is the entire procedure takes a long time, and it can be painful. Your dentist will need to drill into your jaw and install a long metal rod that will support the implant. The process is painless, but the problem is that it will take months for the rod to integrate with your jaw. During this time, your jaw will be feeling the pain of recovery. Eating will be a pain during this period. You should also expect some bleeding and aching during the recovery. It may even swell at times.

Getting A Liposuction

While liposuction is an easy enough procedure but it can be surprising for those who experience it the first time. There will be some bruising and soreness in some places you didn’t expect to hurt. While you can go home immediately, it is better to stay in the hospital overnight for some observation. You will likely continue experiencing pain for the first few days. You should be fine after a week, but you need to take it easy for far longer so that you can be sure that your body has fully recovered.

Extracting Wisdom Teeth

wisdom tooth extraction is another major dental procedure that can be painful. It depends on the circumstance of how painful it can be. If the removal was because the tooth was impacted, then your dentist might have needed to cut into the jaw and gums. The removal might also have been done in sections. After the process, your gums will likely be still tender and need time to recover. The worst of it should have been in the first four days. Bad wisdom teeth extractions might have you suffering pain for more than a week. You might need to take some extra painkillers to make it less excruciating.

Reconstructing The Spine

back pain

If you are unlucky enough to face spinal damage, either through accidents or spinal disorders, then a doctor might need you to go through a spinal reconstruction. The main reason for the pain is the large concentration of nerves in the area. The surgery will require the insertion of metal rods in your back. While this can stabilize your spine, your nerves will take some time to get used to them. This can cause pain as your spine adapts. Ask your doctor for ways to make recovery easier for you.

Heel Bone Surgery

A fractured heel bone is a major injury, especially in sports. If the damage is bad, your doctor will need to operate and repair the bone either by screws or plates. The problem with this approach is that the area does not have a lot of soft tissue to cushion future impacts. There is also the exposure of the nerves there. This can mean that the recovery will be painful, especially if you have to move around a lot.

Dealing with pain after a medical procedure can be difficult. You need to take some time to rest while also letting yourself heal. Different people have varying ways of handling pain, so you might be in more or less pain than you expect. If you want a complete recovery, you should consult with your doctor on how to improve your condition quickly.

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