Signs that Your Skincare Routine Isn’t Working

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Nowadays, it seems like everyone is becoming skincare gurus. Most people create their own skincare routines from scratch, distinguish product ingredients from one another, and post their product reviews online. With so many people taking especially good care of their skin, they have created their own communities on social media.

Many influencers post their skincare product recommendations for their followers, while others are becoming ambassadors for different skincare brands. It’s like anywhere you look these days, somebody’s recommending a new skincare product for you to try out for yourself.

But while all these recommendations and reviews can be helpful when you’re doing research, they can also be pretty misleading. This is because skincare products have varying effects on different people, which means the products that may work on others might not work the same way for you.

Rather than blindly buying what your favorite celebrities, influencers, and skincare gurus are using, you should research what ingredients will help you solve your own problem areas. Treat their product recommendations as secondary only to what you manage to find out during your research.

Besides, building your own skincare routine is a trial and error process. This means that even if the ingredients in a certain skincare product address some of your problems, there’s still a possibility that it won’t work. So, here are four signs that your current skincare products are no longer working, which means you need to make some changes:

Sign #1 They are Making Your Skin Worse

Most people start doing skincare routines to address certain problems such as dehydration and dryness or to reduce the inflammation caused by their acne breakouts. Skincare can also be used to fight against the early signs of aging, particularly in individuals aged 25 and above.

However, if the skincare products you’re using are making your skin worse than before you started, you should take that as a sign to stop using them. In fact, if your skin had become drier than normal, you’ll need to buy a nourishing serum to hydrate and replenish your dry skin once more.

Sign #2 There are No Visible Changes

Skincare products aren’t magic, which means they won’t be able to solve your skin problems overnight. It takes approximately three to four months to know whether your current routine is working. So, you can’t give up on a skincare product just because it’s not making any visible changes after a few weeks.

However, there’s a difference between waiting for the products to take their full effect and not seeing any changes at all, even with consistent use. If it’s the latter you’re dealing with, then it might be a sign that you’re using the wrong skincare products. This means you’ll need to stop using your current products and replace them with ones that will help you take care of your skin.

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Sign #3 They are Triggering Your Allergies

It’s not normal for skincare products to make your skin itch or cause irritations; at least, the right ones shouldn’t. So, if you’re having these problems a few weeks or months into your current routine, your products might be the ones triggering your allergies, and therefore, you need to stop using them.

There’s a chance that the products you’re using are triggering allergies that you didn’t even know you had, which can be dangerous if you keep using the wrong products. So, talk to your dermatologist and clarify where you went wrong, especially if it caused your skin to break out or hurt like hell.

Sign #4 They are Causing Different Problems

The entire point of creating a skincare routine is so that you can address all your problem areas simultaneously. However, if the products you’re using contradict one another, causing you different problems aside from the ones you’re trying to solve, they aren’t working right.

Your skincare routine should be making your skin better, not worse. For instance, your main problem area is your skin’s oiliness, which is why you found a product that will help you control that. But in the process, it caused your skin to become more inflamed and irritated, which did not help your acne. So, instead of solving one problem, you ended up with two more because you used the wrong product.

As mentioned earlier, building your skincare routine is a trial and error process. If you’re lucky, you might be able to get it right on the first try to get clear skin. But if it takes you more than a few tries to find the right products, then you should know what you’re not alone. So, don’t give up on your skin because it’s worth the love and effort.

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