Ways to Stay Relevant in the Fitness Industry


There was an unprecedented awareness about our fitness level and health in 2020 because of the coronavirus pandemic. For the first time in so many years, people are concerned about the food they eat, their own hygiene, the sanitation of their homes and offices, and their fitness level. If the pandemic was not an affirmation that physical exercise impacts one’s well-being, we don’t know what will. Because of the level of attention that the fitness industry now receives, many fitness and health experts are competing against each other. Do you want to get left behind?

It’s not just that there’s a renewed belief in health and wellness, but there is a need to share this information with other people, too. Besides, fitness experts do have to make a living. More than anything, it is a billion-dollar industry that gives opportunities to millions of people.

Continuous Learning

If you don’t care enough to learn, how do you think you will compete with others? Learning is at the core of whatever industry you become a part of. In terms of health and wellness, that means taking fitness CEC courses to add to your knowledge and update any skills you already have. How can you expect to be at par with the strong competitors in the market if you lack the proper knowledge about fitness trends and technology? So, even before you question your relevancy, make sure you’re armed with the right tools.

Outdoor Fitness

If you haven’t noticed, people are dancing, jogging, running, and doing fitness exercises outdoors. This is based on the recommendation of health experts that the outdoors are much safer compared to indoor gyms. The importance of proper ventilation cannot be underscored enough during the pandemic. So if your fitness routine cannot adapt to this change of environment, you will get left behind. Look into an outdoor boot camp or morning yoga in the park. These are the kinds of exercises that people are embracing now.

fitness technology

Fitness Technology

Admit it; even you are amazed by the amount of fitness technology now available. From wearable technologies such as the smartwatch to online fitness classes, technology is at the forefront of the fitness industry today. During the pandemic, many gyms, yoga studios, and fitness centers had to close down permanently. The fitness instructors leaned on digital classes instead. They developed apps, signed up for premium memberships for teleconference platforms, and built their own websites. The idea is to provide instructions to fitness students. Whether it’s a group class or a private class, you need technology to reach out to this new market.

Bodyweight Training

Are you the kind of fitness instructor who relies on gym equipment? You may want to pivot to bodyweight training since most people do not have home gym tools such as dumbbells and kettlebells. You need to teach your students how to use their own weight to do the exercises. They can perform simple to complex movements using their own weight. With the right guidance from you, they can achieve their fitness goals.

Artificial Intelligence

Relevance in the fitness industry will also be based on how you can use new tools to make life easier for your clients. You can use artificial intelligence to answer client inquiries, provide customer support service, and provide statistical insights into your marketing strategies. If your chatbot can provide 24/7 customer support, your clients will likely recommend you to their friends. After all, who doesn’t want to deal with a fitness expert who also knows how to use technology to their clients’ advantage?

Hygiene Standards

Although gyms have always been extra attentive to the facility’s cleanliness and hygiene standards, it’s different now that people’s lives are at stake. Clients have a new awareness of how germs spread and what that may do to them. So, if you are not going to up your game in gym hygiene, forget about being the best in the industry. Chances are that your clients will walk away the moment they see how easily the virus can spread in the facility.

Now more than ever, consumers understand what it means to take care of one’s health and improve their fitness levels. This is an advantage for fitness experts because your primary selling point of improving their health is finally front and center of the current events. But if you are not careful, despite the high demands in the fitness market right now, you will lose against more able and technologically driven competitors.

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