Overcoming Stress Caused by Negative Body Image: What You Can Start Doing

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People have different stressors. Most people worry about their daily finances. Others have problems regarding their relationship with others. There are those who are stressed out due to their jobs or studies. But another stressors common to many people is their body image.

Many of us wish we are taller, lighter, or more beautiful. Others want to gain more weight due to their too skinny body. Some people want what others want if their genes dictate their physical appearance.

In most cases, human’s tendency to want things differently is what drives negative self-image. Add the fact that society has these beauty standards that make everyone feel insufficient. It is important that everyone nurtures a healthier body image or else one’s mental and emotional health will suffer.

The thing is, stress can affect body image. According to a study, undergrad student’s food intake, food preferences, and body image are affected by chronic stress. The same goes for stress caused by negative body image.

When one does not like what they see in the mirror, this can make them feel unhappy and stressed out. Their self-esteem will be poorer and their confidence can run dry. This can lead to them missing out on building good relationships, difficulty advancing in their career, and even establishing a healthy relationship with their own self.

The good news is, there are ways you can address stress caused by poor body image. There is no single formula that can cure your stress overnight. It will take consistency, hard work, and willingness to change your perception to overcome stress caused by your poor body image.

Embrace Your Own Body

The best way to fight poor body image is to accept your body for what it is. There are things you cannot change about yourself, including your genetics. Stop worrying about not having the perfect body and focus on achieving a healthier one.

Embracing your own body is different from accepting the body that is the result of a poor lifestyle. If you gained weight because of a sedentary lifestyle, then start living a better one and stick to your healthy lifestyle plan. If your body issues are due to trauma or medical condition, focus on improving your quality of life.

For instance, you now have scoliosis due to major trauma. You can seek the services of the pros so you can start the treatment. These days, scoliosis patients prefer the Schroth method in correcting their spinal abnormalities.

Take a Break From the Media

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Everywhere we go, we see these photoshopped images of girls with ideal bodies. Many businesses promote their offers with the help of airbrushed models. Social media does not help either due to influencers often flaunting their summer body all year long.

We must understand that having a body type different from the models is absolutely okay and normal. Indulging yourself in media that portrays these skinny girls as the ideal beauty standard is toxic. Stop comparing yourself with them and focus on becoming a healthier version of yourself.

Not everything you can find on social media is authentic. Some photos are filtered while others are photoshopped while others. If you can’t help but make comparisons between yourself and these models, then take a break by doing a digital detox.

Start a Gratitude Journal

Journaling is a recommended strategy for self-improvement. You can pour your emotions, the greatest fears, even your darkest secrets on paper. No one even needs to know about what you write.

But starting a gratitude journal can help you focus on your daily blessings. You can write about what you are thankful for and make realizations that you are more blessed than you thought you are. You can even reread your entries anytime you need a pick-me-up every time you start feeling down.

You have the option to write your journal on your diary, an old notebook, or even your very own blog. You have every right to publish your entries or simply keep them in drafts. As you go about your days writing about all the things you are thankful for, you will eventually have a more positive outlook on life and a better body image.

Think of Your Positives

What are you good at that many people keep telling you about? What are your talents or skills? Determining all of your strengths and listing them all down will make you realize that there are countless things you can with your body.

If you are having a hard time doing this, think about the times someone asked for your help in accomplishing certain tasks. You can also talk to your loved ones to name one thing they know you are good at. Knowing your strengths, accepting your positives, and nurturing these will help put your focus away from all the negativity.

Many people are battling with poor self-image. But choosing not to do anything about it will only drown you further into negativity. Dare to fight stress caused by poor body image and you can start living a happier and healthier life.

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