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There are many strategies which you can use to help put together a fantastic dental website which helps attract new patients to your dental practice. Dental websites are absolutely essential for marketing your dental practice in this era of digital technology. If you do not have a dental website in place for your practice than it is important that you speak to an award-winning digital dental marketing team very soon because you can be sure that the other dental practices in your area already have dental websites in place and you could be losing potential patients to them because the patients are unable to find you when searching for their dental needs online. The majority of healthcare services are searched for on Google, therefore it is important that when someone is looking for a new dentist in the area or they are experiencing dental issues and are searching for emergency care, if they type in their dental needs in the Google search bar than your name should be presented on the results list, and as close to the top of the list as possible.

The importance of an attractive homepage

You will need to begin with an excellent homepage that shows off your dental practice at its best and includes your unique selling points so that a potential patient can immediately differentiate you from your competitors. This is very important because most dental practices offer similar treatments and procedures so website content can be quite similar too. You may want to have a look at your competitors homepages before you begin working on your one and find out what works and what doesn’t and keep this in mind when creating your own.

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Research shows that once landing on your homepage a visitor takes approximately 5 to 8 seconds to decide whether or not they want to explore the rest of your website or if they want to check elsewhere. To make sure that you can hold the attention of the visitor for longer than 5 seconds you may want to include a video on your homepage which introduces your dental practice and addresses the visitor directly to encourage them to read on. You may want to include a short form where they can leave their name and contact details if they are unable to reach you by phone at the time, and you may also want to encourage them to sign up to your mailing list so that you can keep them updated and informed with regards to your dental practice and encourage them to visit you in person soon.

Encouraging patients to look after their teeth

Once a potential patient enters your website they should find it easy to navigate, full of interesting and educational information with regards to the importance of visiting the dentist on a regular basis and looking after your teeth and gums as well as the different treatments and procedures which you offer at your dental practice. This information should be easy to understand and accessible for all and have an encouraging tone throughout to promote visiting the dentist on a regular basis and addressing dental issues.

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