What to Know About Ketamine Infusion and Depression

The human brain is a powerful system that can sometimes need a little bit of help getting back to the right balance of things. This is where ketamine infusion, a relatively new process, comes into play. The reason the brain is so powerful is because of the amount of change that it can undergo with slight pressures or changes in the way that it thinks. Not only that but introducing certain medications can also help create new neural pathways.

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These neural pathways are where neurons communicate with one another in order to increase or decrease the flow of hormones. When there is an imbalance in these hormones, this is where we have psychological disorders such as depression. When there is a decrease in serotonin the body needs help increasing the retention of the hormone. That’s where more common depression medications come into play.

In depression, there is a decrease in the connections that are going on, and that can lead to an increase in depressive symptoms. With ketamine infusion, doctors are seeing an amazing amount of neuroplasticity increase. These changes are feeding the human mind by increasing connections between the neurons and increasing the balance of hormones that are involved with depression.


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