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The appearance of a smile can be something that many people worry over. Everybody wants a perfect looking smile, but this can be difficult to achieve when day-to-day activities can have a negative impact on the appearance of our teeth. Everyday activities such as smoking, eating and drinking can cause your smile to yellow over time. People can become increasingly unhappy with the appearance of their teeth, but often do not know what to do about it. This outlines some of the help that is available. Anyone wondering how to improve the appearance of their teeth can read about how a hygienist can help them, what the benefits are and what their next steps should be.

What can a hygienist help with?

A hygienist Richmond can support patients who are looking to improve the appearance of their smile, through expert cleaning. These specialists can be used to prevent a number of different issues such as gingivitis and periodontal disease. The right amount of support can prevent issues such as bad breath, early tooth loss and staining, a hygienist can treat these periodontal diseases as well as give advice to help patients to stop smoking. This can give patients a much better chance of having a healthier smile.

A hygienist will measure the gaps between the gums and the teeth which will indicate what level of dental treatment will be needed. Any plaque can be removed alongside any calculus that has built up upon the surface of the tooth. Patients will first have their teeth and gums assessed to determine the amount of plaque removal required, before their teeth are professionally cleaned with special equipment and pastes. The hygienist will finally show their clients the best techniques and highlight the best tools to achieve the best-looking smile. Patients should read on to the next section to see what the benefits are of this treatment option.

What are the benefits of hygiene appointments?


Patients can access a healthier looking smile through the use of a hygienist who will work to remove the staining on the surface of the tooth by polishing and applying pholyatic, antimicrobial materials. Patients who require extra help and support can use a hygienist’s expertise through  pain-free treatments. There are many life benefits that can be taken advantage of when using the services of these highly trained professionals. Patients can have access to a minimised risk of tooth loss alongside the reduced risk of developing tooth decay and need for fillings. All this can be achieved alongside fresh minty breath. Patients should read on to the next section to see what they should do next to access the treatments that they require.

What should I do next?

Having read this article, if a patient thinks that this form of dental care could be a good option for them, then they should consider getting in touch with their chosen practice. Patients are normally invited to set up consultations to determine what level of support will be needed. They can access this help through phoning a practice directly or using the website as a means of getting in touch with their providers. Everyone should be able to have a bright and healthy-looking smile, so patients should not hesitate to get in touch to make this a reality.

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