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Keep on smiling

In the trying and testing times, never before has the importance of smiling been on our collective mindset. When we smile, a chemical reaction inside our brains releases endorphins and serotonin, which combine to bring joy. This joy is reflected off your face and into the world around you, effectively brightening it up on a marginal level. Whilst smiling has a positive effect on our mood and the world around us, for many people it is a difficult task. To those who have teeth which are badly stained, chipped, uneven, smiling can be the cause of a large degree of embarrassment and anxiety. Anyone who feels this way ought to do themselves a favour and seek out a dentist Meath Navan, to get the treatment they deserve and begin setting themselves on a journey towards a happier, brighter and healthier future.

Cosmetic treatments

Dental check upSome of the most effective treatments in combating issues around how a patient’s teeth look are those which are classified as ‘cosmetic dentistry’ treatments. Treatments of this sort cover a wide and varied amount of procedures, each of which has been specially engineered and developed to address either one or multiple common problems which patients face surrounding the aesthetics of their teeth. One such massively popular cosmetic treatment which can have an overwhelmingly positive effect on a patient’s outward appearance and, as a result, their self esteem, is cosmetic teeth whitening. This is a type of cosmetic dentistry which has grown in popularity exponentially over the last decade, largely due to its accessibility and its ability to yield positive results with minimal treatment.

How does cosmetic teeth whitening work?

Typically, there are two types of cosmetic teeth whitening treatment which patients can opt for from their dental practice. The first of these is called ‘in practice whitening’ which, as you could probably suffice, is carried out on the dentist chair. This type of treatment initially involves the creation of a unique mould that is formed from a patient’s tooth shape. Into this mould, the cosmetic dental expert then places a specialised bleaching gel which contains active hydrogen-peroxide. This hydrogen-peroxide then reacts with oxygen and begins to brighten and whiten the patient’s teeth almost immediately. Sometimes a specialist UV light is shone onto the patient teeth to speed up the process. Through ‘in-practice whitening’ patients visibly whiten and enhance their smiles in just a matter of hours and enjoy a brighter smile for as long as six months.

The second type of whitening treatment which is available through most reputable cosmetic dentists is ‘home-whitening’. Like ‘in-practice’ whitening this initially begins with a unique mould being created of the patient’s tooth shape from within their practice. However, the patient can then take their retainer home with them. Once home, the patient then applies a small quantity of a safe peroxide-based whitening agent within their retainer and wears it over their teeth for a period of time. Over the following weeks, patients can then observe the pigment in their teeth becoming whiter and whiter until they achieve the shade they desire. One of the main appeals of this treatment is that it lets patients decide when they carry it out, and gives them the freedom to work their treatment around their own schedules and lives.

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