Five Secrets to Boosting Patient Experience

patient experience

When you are a healthcare provider, your main concern is your patient’s health. But many fail to realize that to provide the utmost care, it is a must that you consider the whole patient experience. This includes your patient’s convenience, satisfaction, and quality of healthcare.

Improving patient experience offers many benefits. Your patient will trust you more and gain confidence in you. This leads to early diagnosis, enhanced patient compliance, and a better outcome. Patients can enjoy reduced medical care expenses, and you get to increase patient retention.

But what does it take to boost patient experience? Here are five of the best practices worth considering:

Train the staff to be friendly and attentive

Doctors are not the first ones to engage with patients. So make sure that your staff knows how to treat patients with respect and courtesy. They should be friendly to all patients and learn how to be attentive to patient needs. Honour each patient by delivering a high standard of service and care. Also, provide the attention they need the moment they arrive for the appointment until they leave the clinic.

Offer more convenient healthcare access


Many patients complain that they find it hard to gain access to health care, prompting them to find another doctor. What you can do is to provide them with easier healthcare access. Improve your patient’s appointment scheduling. Offer clearer payment plans or even telehealth services to those living in rural areas. You can also refer them to a London diagnostic centre nearby to get quick and efficient diagnostic scans crucial for their diagnosis.

Maximize your online profiles

Most clinics these days have their own websites and social media pages. You can use these channels to optimize the patient experience. You can make a great first impression by having a professional website. Patients can understand your practice better and learn about what you have to offer. Sharing helpful contents is a good way to show your expertise and gain more patients. Offer online scheduling and make paperwork available on your website for ease of access.

Maintain an open line of communication

Your patients are also busy individuals, which means that they may forget their appointments. So it is best to stay in touch and send appointment confirmation and reminders to your patients. You can send a confirmation email or text three days before and another reminder one day before their appointment. Be open to any questions and clarifications. Consider asking them to complete a survey after their doctor’s appointment.

Ensure that the premises are clean and convenient

Parking is often a common problem, which is why it is best to provide your patients with enough parking spots for their vehicles. Ensure that the premises are clean not only on the inside but on the outside as well. Create a welcoming environment for the patients and consider their demographics. When catering to both young children and adults, offer a quiet place where adults can wait. For the children, offer educational toys and a corner where they can stay.

There are many other ways to improve patient experience. But what most patients want is easy accessibility, friendly staff, a convenient place to wait, and reliable service. If you can offer all these, then you’re increasing your chances of gaining more patients and retaining your regulars.

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