Self-Care and Beauty Trends in 2021

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The last couple of years have shown us that our beauty routines weren’t immune to the effects of the quarantine. As spas, salons, and beauty centers were temporarily closed due to the pandemic restrictions, we were forced to do our regular beauty care routines at home.

We learned how to DIY most of the things we go to professionals for, and we now look at self-care in a whole new light. Some, if not almost all of us now have an “Ultimate Makeover List” stored in our phones or written in our journals.

Truth be told, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that. We all want to look better and feel better — if feeling good about ourselves is what does it for us, then by all means we should follow through with that makeover list.

Here are three popular treatments for beauty and makeover this year:

Dental Makeover

When we talk about beauty makeovers, the first thing that comes to mind are clothes, makeup, and hair. We don’t always consider a dental makeover part of this activity.

What most people don’t realize is that having a “zoom ready” appearance can be attributed to a great smile and perfect facial symmetry. These things are hugely affected by teeth alignment and can be achieved with a complete set of teeth. If you have missing teeth, you can get implants from a dental practice such as JC Dental & Implant Studio.

Dental implants are surgical fixtures that act as a replacement for a missing tooth or teeth. These are placed on the jawbone and the fixture integrates with your jawbone over time, allowing the prosthetic tooth to function like the real tooth.

A complete set of teeth promotes proper jaw placement. The jaw placement, in turn, affects the overall facial symmetry. Aside from the aesthetic benefits, a complete set of teeth and proper jaw placement also improve chewing and speech. That said, you can never go wrong with a dental makeover.

Skin Rejuvenation


Due to the closure of skin clinics, we’ve become our own facialists and aesthetician. We’ve become more familiar with skincare ingredients and the difference between an AHA and BHA, including oils, essences, toners, and ampules. Not to mention, gaining an understanding of proper face washing that double cleansing is now part of our skincare regimen — we wonder how we lived without doing this before.

We’re no longer afraid to use retinol and now understand the capacity of a retinoid, and why we should never leave exfoliants on our skin for more than what is prescribed by the brand. However, as we know more, we tend to do more. In the process of revolutionizing our skincare routine, we have wandered into the over-use of skincare products and over-exfoliation of our skin.

As a result, many of us experienced rebound skin problems due to the disruption of our skin barrier. The constant rubbing and incorrect use of products caused skin irritations; if this sounds like your situation, it’s best to review your skincare products and find which ones work and no longer work for you.

While there’s no denying that trying out the hottest skincare products can be a very exciting venture, we must first look into the ingredients and understand what each one does to our skin, before the cart and check out a bunch of products.

Beauty influencers and skin gurus also say the same thing this year; the ones who know better understand that we should calm our skincare routines down and listen to our skin.

Aside from that, we’ve come to embrace skincare as self-care. If there’s anything we’re taking to the new normal post-pandemic life, it would be “skincare is self-care”. Don’t let anything change your mind about it.

A New Hairstyle

Not necessarily a completely new hairstyle but changing a few things like cutting fringes, changing your hair part, or even your hair color.

However, hair coloring can cause serious damage to hair when done incorrectly. Improper amounts of bleaching and overstaying of chemicals on the hair can lead to hair damage, or worse, hair loss. While coloring one’s hair can definitely be done at home, everyone who wishes to do so is encouraged to follow the manufacturer’s instructions for application and usage.

If you prefer your current hair color but would like to switch things up a bit, changing your hair part is the easiest, simplest way to do so. If you want to take it up a notch, fringes can instantly update your look. Perfect curtain bangs, anyone?

Overall, taking care of ourselves, especially this year, can improve our personal satisfaction when it comes to our appearance. Makeovers, especially the ones mentioned above, can lift our spirits up. It can make us feel good about ourselves and allow ourselves to look good, despite spending most of our time at home.

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