Tartar Everywhere: Diseases Caused by Poor Oral Hygiene


Your smile is one of the most important components of your image it wouldn’t hurt to keep them in good condition. Pleasant smiles give more favorable impressions, which makes you look more agreeable in your employer’s eyes and builds your good reputation.

Practicing good dental hygiene also has a few health benefits, as your mouth is a place where bacteria tend to build up often. If you neglect your teeth, bad breath will be the least of your problems. Once a dental problem gets bad enough, it can start affecting your other organs.

Your dentist can only do so much when it comes to keeping your teeth clean. You will do the majority of your teeth maintenance. If you don’t practice good dental habits, you will end up experiencing these oral problems in the future.

Bad Breath

If you don’t brush your teeth at least once a day, the leftover bits of food between your teeth will serve as a home for bacteria one of the leading causes of bad breath and teeth damage. Bad breath can be especially severe if you have vices, such as smoking or drinking.

In some cases, people don’t even know whether they have bad breath or not. If you can’t tell after testing it yourself, ask for a friend’s opinion. Afterward, work on minimizing the causes of bad breath by working on your dental habits.

Brush your teeth after every meal. While it can seem like a hassle, don’t forget to floss, too. Your toothbrush and brushing technique might not be enough to reach between your teeth, after all. If bad breath persists even after improving your habits, it might be the sign of an oral infection.

Tooth Decay

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When mouth bacteria develop on your teeth, it can cause cavities and tooth decay. If you feel any sudden dental painusually from chewing or biting downit might be a symptom of tooth decay. Other signs of tooth decay are tooth sensitivity and tooth pain when drinking beverages.

If you’ve confirmed that you have tooth decay, a visit to the dentist is the only way to treat it. Your dentist at Orchard has the tools needed to clean your teeth properly, especially the places that manual brushing can’t reach.

Avoid getting food stuck between your teeth in the future by eating crunchy fruits and vegetables often. That not only improves your diet but also acts as a natural floss for your teeth.


Poor dental habits can also lead to mouth diseases that cause inflammation, such as canker sores or cold sores. These are incredibly uncomfortable, making it difficult to eat and sleep due to the constant irritation.

Sores go away over time, taking two weeks at most to disappear. If the irritation is too much to bear, however, then you can take some pain and inflammation relievers. Ease your mouth burn, if any, with cold beverages. Avoid consuming hot and spicy foods for a while.

Gum Disease

Sometimes, bacteria build-up can cause plaque to develop on your teeth. If it worsens inside your gums and hardens, it can cause gum diseasean ailment that only gets more painful as time passes by.

Gum disease treatment isn’t easy. After removing the built-up tartar and plaque, antibiotics might be needed to drive the infection away, A visit to the periodontista person who specializes in gum diseasemight be necessary.

Don’t get lazy when it comes to maintaining your dental health. If you neglect your oral hygiene, the diseases that it can cause aren’t something you can take lightly. Avoid tooth and gum diseases by brushing your teeth regularly and flossing after meals.f

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