Why You Should Really Put On A Happy And Smiling Face

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A look at smile science reveals a few interesting characteristics. For example, one study tells us that, in the UK, we smile as many as 232,000 times during the course of an average lifetime. The same study not only tells us how often we smile but why we smile – a list that includes many familiar reasons that make us break into a grin such as receiving a tax rebate or seeing sunshine.

Seeing that we engage in smiling at least 11 times a day, it would be worthwhile to understand just how this simple yet hugely significant biological reflex is able to offer the life-changing effects that it does. This understanding goes a long way to help us appreciate good dental health that is a critical prerequisite for a warm and winning smile and why visiting a dentist Meath for quality care is so important.

How we benefit from smiling

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>Having an attractive smile is considered so valuable that the Oral Health Foundation sees it as a desirable personal asset. It is quite easy to latch onto this belief, especially considering the rewards to be gained from smiling. In fact, an attractive smile is even regarded as currency.

It is the smile that opens up the path to human connection. The investment in having a beautiful smile can reward the wearer with opportunities for career advancement and help build a professional network. As social beings, humans are hardwired to thrive when socialising with others.

The ability to win friendships or find a life partner is augmented by how convincing our attractiveness qualities are. Our appeal to others is helped by having an attractive dental appearance; this is also responsible for how confident we come across.

Dental attractiveness is also a common denominator in persons who are found to be intelligent, capable, empathetic, kind and trustworthy. It is only natural for us to be drawn towards those we find to have a certain level of visual appeal.

A few examples of how cognitive bias plays out may be useful in understanding just how valuable a role appearance plays in how we are treated by others. Whether it be in the courtroom, place of work, playground or on the daily commute, good looking people are found to benefit in a myriad of ways because of their looks.

Despite whether the practice is a fair one or not, we associate attractive people. In addition to this, good looking people are more likely to get a discount, talk their way out of a traffic fine or receive lighter sentencing in a court of law.

Smiling not only helps with one’s relationships but also has benefits for one’s self too. Behaviour is a strong indicator of happiness. We are more inclined to have a positive outlook and make pro-health choices when we are joyful. Just by turning up the corners of the mouth into a smile stimulates the feel-good chemicals in the brain into action; this is due to the bodily response that promotes smiling and laughter as effective stress relievers.

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